Bar Rouge Bar (Basel)

Above all the rooftops of Basel, at 105 m altitude, near the sky, where the air is thinner and the heart throb stronger, there is a place of senses, passion and longings - the Bar Rouge.
The Bar Rouge is a meeting point for Basel, for the Dreiländereck: a bar with a lounge and a meeting room. Stylish, sympathetic, yet always mysteriously seductive.
Whether it's business contacts, celebrating an event, making new acquaintances, meeting friends or simply enjoying the atmosphere, the Bar Rouge is the "Place to be" for every occasion! Here you can escape the everyday life, let your soul dangle or swing on the dance floor your hips to hip Partymusik.
Pamper your senses:
Enjoy the breathtaking view, the best cocktail in the city, relax with culinary delights and dive into the unique ambience of the attractive bar.

Bar Rouge Bar Basel
messeplatz 10 | CH-4058 Basel

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