Hotel Rivington & Sons (Zürich)

here they stand, close beside eachother. 
the massive wooden counter from the year 1930 protrudes proud above the wooden parquet. in the hand you hold an Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin & Tonic .
The Sunlight shines dimly through the long curtains, which lay cloudy over the facade. 
Through the bronze covered armor you see the bartender which is performing his art, stuned over the animated rush in front of him and losing himself in emotion, which fills this room. 
A feeling of well known metropoles, pulsing and full of boarderless possabilities. Something from the urban cities of this world and the alongside going euphoria, being a part of it. 
Welcome to the marvelous bar of Hotel Rivington & Sons...

Hotel Rivington & Sons
hardstrasse 201 | CH-8005 Zürich


Hotel Rivington & Sons (Zürich) 1
Hotel Rivington & Sons (Zürich) 2
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