Mikkeller Spirits Botanical Gin

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Mikkeller gin is a high quality gin, handmade using a small copper still one small batch at a time.
Made with Simcoe hops and a carefully selected mix of botanicals, the technique used to impart flavors to this gin makes it a very special one. The natural botanicals are measured and infused into the spirit during distillation, a process that gives Mikkeller Spirits Botanical Gin an amazingly fresh aroma and taste.
Forget about a juniper and pine overdose, this Botanical Gin is a smooth and rich spirit.  It can be used with mixers and it can definitely be drunk alone. 
You may be aware of the 18th Century gin-craze making a comeback and that consuming gin can bring about wild side-effects.  But, when drinking Mikkeller Spirits Botanical Gin, you will most likely be hit by an overwhelming feeling of happiness mixed with a slight, comforting adjusted way of seeing life: The good life!


Alcohol Level (% Vol): 44,0
Bottle Volume: 700 ML
Country of Origin: Denmark
Gin Typ: Gin


Angelica Root, Cardamom, Juniper Berries, Lemon Grass, Lemon Peel, simcoe Hoppy

Aroma Profile:

Wacholder Zitrus Aroma Noten PP EN