Elg No. 3 Navy Strength Gin

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Elg No. 3 Gin is a “Navy Strength” gin. “Navy Strength” evolved from the idea of “proof spir its”, a term which originates from sailors in the 19th Century.
ELG No. 3 Gin is based on the same three distillates as ELG No. 1 Gin, however as it contains 57.2 % alcohol it is diluted with less water. The 10 % higher content of alcohol means that 30% more flavour can be dissolved, which gives it an even higher intensity in both aroma and taste than ELG No. 1 Gin.
As ELG No. 1 Gin it is designed to perfectly mix in countless of cocktails, but you may also drink it “on the rocks” or enjoy it in a drink such as “The Gimlet”, which simply consists of equal parts of gin and lime juice and lots of ice.

Alcohol Level (% Vol): 57,2
Bottle Volume: 500 ML
Country of Origin: Denmark
Gin Typ: Navy Strength Gin


Coriander, Carrot & Juniper

Aroma Profile:

 Wacholder Gin Aroma Wheel PP EN