Elg No. 2 Old Tom Gin

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ELG No. 2 Gin is an “Old Tom” gin. Tom Chamberlain also known as “Old Tom” was master distiller and partner of Hodges Distillery in the beginning of 19th Century and the brain behind “Old Tom” gin.
ELG No. 2 Gin is based on the same three distillates as ELG No.1, to which is added an alcoholic extract of juniper, which gives the gin its unique dark colour, it contains a variety of flavour in addition to juniper and a possesses a slight sweetness.
The extract is produced by soaking dried juniper berries in 50 % pure wheat alcohol for four weeks. The result is an extract containing a wide variety of the flavours and sugars, which in ELG No. 1 Gin is removed by the distillation process. It contains 46.3 % alcohol.
Drink it clean, “on the rocks” or enjoy it in drinks with ginger beer such as Gin & Stormy.

Alcohol Level (% Vol): 46,3
Bottle Volume: 500 ML
Country of Origin: Denmark
Gin Typ: Old Tom Gin


Coriander, Carrot & Juniper

Aroma Profile:

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